1kg Gluten Free Pork Sausages

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Farm on Franklin Pork on Fork


Not your average Banga's!

All pig + Himalayan S & P in natural skins. No grains, preservatives or fillers! 

Gluten Free, and fabulous!


Our piggies are free range pastured/forested heritage breed. They are raised in a way that allows them to express their 'pigginess', amongst the trees, digging up roots, insects, chewing on bark and twigs and debris, wallowing in mud, aerating the soil and increasing diversity of plants, ground covers and microbiology as we rotate them frequently from large paddock to large paddock. As pigs are omnivores, they are also supplemented with local grain and hand mixed minerals to ensure our piggies are as healthy as can be.

  • Pick up and delivery info

    Delivery is available to business addresses around Tasmania that are open between 9am and 5pm weekdays.  

    For those in North West Tassie, you may be able to collect from our farm, or we can arrange to meet or deliver to Port Sorell, Latrobe, and Devonport on designated days.  You will need to use the arrow at the drop down menu next to 'delivery' when completing your order and choose your option.  Feel free to add notes on your preference - or you can send us a message.  

    Our pork is generally frozen, however, fresh cut pick up is available seasonally - order ahead to get it fresh:-). 


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