Our Story

Mark and I (Sarah) and our family moved to Tasmania from Northern NSW in 2016 to follow our dream to create a beautiful property which will provide naturally grown and produced nutrient dense food for our family and others, as well as a beautiful, natural place to raise our family.

We’ve started from scratch on our place. 50 acres of bushland alongside the very scenic Franklin Rivulet at Harford, Tasmania (just south of Port Sorell). Aside from an existing home and shed, we’ve installed a solar system, improved very ordinary access roads, built a dam and ponds, begun fencing, renovated part of our home, begun raising heritage breed pigs, opened a campground, and added 2 children (totalling 4). Next on the list (now that we have water, and after fencing to protect from wallabies) is growing fruit and veg!

In addition to healthful produce and products for ourselves, we plan to establish ‘Farm on Franklin’ as an economically viable and environmentally sustainable family business.

‘Farm on Franklin’ now opens (by appointment and bookings only) our ‘pet friendly’ camp-ground (for fully self contained campers only – BYO toilet and shower, collect and remove all your own rubbish) from September to May each year. 

‘Pork on Fork’

Farm on Franklin raises heritage pigs that are free range and pastured/forested. This method produces tastier and more nutritious pork with a likely higher natural Vitamin D content (being raised outdoors). As pigs are omnivores, locally sourced grain plus the ability to dig up the ground to find roots, grubs and insects provides the best nutrition, flavour and opportunity to live a natural happy piggy life until the time comes to become delicious, nutritious, ethically produced, pork for us (and you).

Our ideal lifestyle and philosophy

For living, planning and developing our land, home, and life, we are drawing from numerous methodologies, philosophies, role models and management systems as a result of training, workshops, previous employment and extensive reading that we have undertaken including:

- Permaculture - Regenerative Agriculture - Holistic Management - Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farms - Alan Savory - Peter Andrews - Graeme Sait’s Nutritional Farming - RegenAG’s bio-fertilisation techniques - Organic gardening - Milkwood Permaculture - The Urban Farmer - The Market Gardener - Companion gardening - Sustainable living - Homesteading - Natural and alternative medicines and therapies - Fermentation - Make your own - Off-the-grid - Food from scratch - DIY; and - The Bible (our foundational point of reference and belief) …. to name a few….

We believe in supporting our local community, buying local, seasonal and encouraging farmers to produce food naturally, sustainably and more so regeneratively. We believe farmers should be paid accordingly for their efforts. If farming is not profitable it is not sustainable and if it doesn’t consider the future of our resources, soil, nutrition and animal welfare it won’t be profitable long term. Our future food production and human and planetary health will depend on these things.

We believe the food we eat should be of the highest nutrition, quality and chemical free - you get what you pay for and you are what you consume and absorb. To quote a good friend of ours ‘cheap food is not our right – quality food is’. To consume nutritionally dense food will only improve our health, as a result lowering our medical and health expenses throughout our lives. Can we afford not to have vitality as we age? For our own pleasure and our children? We are a work in progress ourselves, on our own journey toward our ideals - my motto – ‘just put more of the good stuff in! – foods, thoughts and actions!

We are a Christian family who consider Faith, family, health, fabulous food, fellowship and fun (to use lots of ‘Farm on Franklin F words) paramount to our foundational activities and attitudes. It is with this in mind that we are excited to share our place, produce, products and our journey, with our community and beyond.

Please enjoy our products, information, stories, photos, workshops, events and place should you visit!


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